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What’s The Difference Between Our X-Chip and Eco-Sparse Systems?

Updated: Jul 5

Finished X-Chip Epoxy Coating System showcasing UV stability.

Our X-Chip Epoxy Coating System is a cost-effective solution for your flooring that offers exceptional resistance to chemicals, heat, and more.

The process begins with surface preparation, which involves grinding the surface, vacuuming the concrete debris, and repairing any cracks using top-of-the-line equipment and products that we have formulated and manufactured. Next, we apply the base coat, which acts as the adhesive for the chosen flakes. The Tru-Flake application follows, where flakes are evenly spread to ensure complete coverage of the primer epoxy. Finally, the top coat is applied to ensure the durability of the epoxy garage floors, with options available in 6 color options!

Detailed view of slip-resistant finish with Eco-Sparse system.

Our Eco-Sparse Coating System offers an affordable alternative with similar benefits. The process also starts with thorough surface preparation, including grinding, vacuuming, and crack repair using our high-quality products. We then apply a solid base coat in the color of your choice, from our selection of 6 colors. The flakes are then broadcasted at an 80% concentration, which is from our included 20 color flake blends. The final step is the application of a clear top coat using our Tru-Alpha Polyaspartic Top Coat, ensuring long-lasting quality.

So, what sets these two systems apart?

The X-Chip System boasts features such as resistance to gas, oil, and fire, 100% UV stability, and nano technology. It can be completed in two days, leaves zero hot tire marks, and results in an 18 mils thick dry surface. It also includes premium surface preparation, premium non-slip properties, crack repair, a three-coat system, low maintenance, and abrasion-proof qualities.

Close-up of Eco-Sparse Epoxy Coating System's low maintenance finish.

On the other hand, the Eco-Sparse System offers good chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance, and is hot tire resistant. It also includes premium surface preparation and nano technology, can be completed in two days, and results in a 7-8 mils thick surface. It has limited non-slip properties, crack repair, a two-coat system, low maintenance, and comes with a seven-year warranty.

The takeaway is that the X-Chip System offers more benefits, including a lifetime guarantee, greater mils thickness, better slip resistance, and superior environmental protections. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific flooring needs. If you need assistance in making this decision, please don’t hesitate to call Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring.


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