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Premium Polyaspartic Coatings For Your Pool Deck

Elevate your pool deck to new heights of durability
Unleash the Potential of Your Pool Deck
Transformative Pool Deck Polyaspartic Coating Solutions

Enhance your outdoor area with our expert pool deck resurfacing services. Our Nano X Polyaspartic and Hybrid Epoxy coatings are meticulously engineered to cope with the rigorous demands of poolside environments—from the harsh effects of chlorinated water to the relentless Florida sunshine.


Our polyaspartic pool deck resurfacing solutions offer a superior slip-resistant finish that not only boosts safety but also infuses a sophisticated flair into your outdoor spaces.

Considering the unpredictability of weather, our Tru-Flake Hybrid Polyaspartic Pool Deck Coatings System is designed to be completed swiftly within three days. After application, the surface is ready for foot traffic just one day after curing, showcasing the efficiency of our polyurea pool deck coating techniques. This versatile system excels on various outdoor surfaces, ensuring superior slip resistance and durability, making it better than cool decking.

Our polyaspartic pool deck resurfacing is not only easy to maintain but also long-lasting, allowing you more time to enjoy rather than maintain your pool deck. Immerse yourself in a world of enhanced aesthetics and functionality – contact us today for pool deck resurfacing near me to discover how our pool deck epoxy services can transform your outdoor living experience.



Surface Preparation

Day 1

This step is crucial for the success of a new coating on a concrete surface. It removes contaminants and opens up surface pores for better adhesion. We provide the best method for surface preparation, which is mechanical grinding. This method provides improved adhesion, enhances safety, and provides long-lasting, high-quality finishes.


MVB Base Coat Application

Day 1

15 MIL Application Of Base Coat Moisture Vapor Barrier (100 Solid Epoxy) This protects your surface from moisture and humidity, a common issue faced in Florida's climate.


Second Coat and Tru-Flake Application

Day 2

8 MIL Application Of Pigmented Coat Tru-Solid Polyaspartic With Nano Technology and Flake Application. 30-60 minutes after we will remove any excess flakes once the coating is cured, leaving a textured and visually appealing surface. This also ensures that the wind does not blow flakes in the surrounding area too much.


Third Coat Application

Day 2

6 MIL Application of Tru-Alpha Polyaspartic Grout Coat with Nano Technology. Engineered with advanced nano-enhancements, our grout coat not only reinforces the surface against daily wear but also adds an element of sophistication that's truly unparalleled.


Top Coat Application

Day 3

6 MIL Application of Tru-Alpha High Wear Satin Clear with Nano Technology. The incorporation of Nano Technology takes this defense to a microscopic level, reinforcing the surface at the molecular scale to create a shield against stains and wear. he satin finish not only adds a sophisticated touch but also disperses and reflects light, imbuing your floors with a subtle yet captivating glow.

View our process

Pick Your Color Blend!
Visualize Your New Pool Deck With Our Tru-Flake Tool!

To see what your new floor might look like in real time, use our custom live flooring visualizer tool. Click here for our pdf version of our flake blends or visit our flake blend page!


Simply click the button below to go to the page, where you can use your own space to help choose a color and observe the outcome. 

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Tru-Glow! Upgrade Your Pool Deck To Glow In The Dark At Night!!!

Planning a late-night swim? Our Tru-Glow Flakes are the ideal addition for our exterior flooring systems, such as pool decks, as they are light-activated. The flakes will absorb the sun's energy throughout the day, and at night they will glow brightly, illuminating your pool deck.

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