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The Phenomenon Called Hot Tire Pick Up...

Updated: Jul 5

While many in the industry tend to not elaborate further things when they're talking to

homeowners or customers due to not understanding the science behind their features, we at Tru-Grit always take the time to teach our customers more about our products and our process.

Say goodbye to hot pick up ! Here at Tru-Grit we ensure that your epoxy floor is built to last!

Hot Tire Pickup is caused by a car that is parked for a couple of days and more driving out of the garage and the tires strip off the coating systems, which leaves indentations unto the surface.

Why does this happen?

As the tire moves and rides on the road, the rubber that's on these tires creates friction with the road. While the car is going down the road, the tire actually expands because the air density changes with the temperature, which makes the molecules expand. This leads to the tire actually gaining pressure or weight over time as you're driving with this tire, which then causes the tire to soften up to where it becomes even somewhat sticky.

We understand that choosing the right flooring solution can be overwhelming, which is why we take the time to listen to our customers and provide them with the guidance and support they need to make an informed decision. Contact our team for more information.

So let's say you take this car, this is a high-performance wheel, okay and you take this and you drive it up onto the garage to park your car. This action triggers a rapid cooling phase, which is going to cause the tire to shrink as the molecules and everything is slowing down.

This leads to the tire shrinking just a bit, but enough to where some of the coatings attach themselves to the bottom of the tire. This is where it starts to strip the coating a little bit at a time and overtime and just it's gonna start peeling.

How do you prevent this?

In any coating you have, make sure it is 18-24 mils thick. Most companies tend to always do 4-5 mils thick and this is especially true if it is a DIY situation. If the mils are too thin, the flooring will heat up easier and faster which makes the coating more pliable where peeling occurs. The thicker it is, the less likely it is that the heat can warm up the surface enough for this hot tire pick-up to occur.

Heat-Resistant Epoxy Coatings by Tru-Grit Garage Flooring. Withstand high temperatures in your garage using Tru-Grit's heat-resistant epoxy coatings. Contact our team for more information.

Also, it is important to always ensure that the resin being used is either 100 Solid Epoxy or Polyaspartic with the mils thickness recommendation stated before as it causes the floor to be heat resistant since it is a higher-performing product and it's thick enough that the heat can't fully break through the film due to its high density.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the company you go for has a proficient preparation process that includes grinding the surface as it could cause an inner coat adhesion problem, which means that the coating system can't bond to the concrete effectively enough, which could lead to problems down the road.

Lastly, you should obtain a really nice polyaspartic topcoat that gives you the protection of 400-degree heat resistance, which means that no matter what type of tire you have on your car, they're not going to transmit any of that rubber onto your garage floor.

To learn more about hot tire pick up and the way we combat it, check out the video below!

Why should you choose Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring?

At Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring, we ensure that Hot Tire Pick Up does not occur you our client’s floors as we grind the floors down to a CSP level of 2-3, and then we lay on an 18-24 mils thick coat of either 100 solid epoxy or polyaspartic resin, which are high-end products that we formulate, manufacture, and install in the house. Furthermore, we offer HD Top Coats that provide that 400 degrees protection as well! Call us today to discuss your options!

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