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Polyaspartic & Epoxy Flooring Project Gallery

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Welcome to our Epoxy Coatings Gallery, where innovation meets aesthetics, showcasing a diverse range of our remarkable residential projects. We have a plethora of project pictures to look through because we have installed over 4,750,000 SQFT of Epoxy Flooring, which is all formulated and manufactured in-house. From transforming garages into polished retreats to breathing new life into pool decks, driveways, and the cozy corners of patios and lanais, our epoxy coatings have redefined spaces across various residential settings. Contact our sales team at (863) 670-9270 to see more project images and blend options!

Garage Floor Gallery

Pool Deck Coatings Gallery

Driveway Coatings Gallery

Patio/Lanai Coatings Gallery

Metallic Coating Gallery


Garage Transformations: At Tru-Grit Coatings Epoxy Flooring LLC, we have TWO garage floor coating system options available to cater to your epoxy coating needs. These options are our Tru-Flake 1-Day Nano X Garage Flooring System and our Tru-Flake 1-Day Hybrid MVB Garage Flooring System. Discover the magic of epoxy-coated garages that seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. Our epoxy coatings offer a durable and visually appealing solution, turning these spaces into personalized havens.


Elevated Pool Decks:

Our Tru-Flake Hybrid Polyaspartic Pool Deck Coatings System can protect and make maintenance easier for your pool deck in just two days. Dive into the allure of stunning pool decks enhanced with our specialized epoxy coatings. Combining style with safety, our coatings create surfaces that withstand foot traffic and poolside activities while exuding timeless charm.


Driveways Revitalized: Our Tru-Flake Hybrid Polyurea Driveway Coatings System is   ideal for outside applications since they are UV stable, antimicrobial, and simple to maintain, as well as providing outstanding beauty that will make your neighbors envy!

Experience the power of our epoxy coatings in revitalizing driveways. Beyond the visual enhancement, our coatings provide durability, ensuring your driveway retains its allure while enduring everyday demands.