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Designer Metallic Epoxy For Your Space

Blending Luxury and Practicality in Central Florida
Metallic Epoxy Flooring 
Bold Statements, Lasting Impressions

Unveil captivating interiors that blend creativity and durability with our Designer Metallic Epoxy Flooring. Perfect for both commercial and residential spaces in Central Florida, let your floors become works of art. 

Our 3-D 100% solid metallic epoxy flooring is a high-performance flooring option that is designed to provide a stunning and durable surface for both residential and commercial settings. This flooring system is made up of a base coat, a metallic pigment, and a topcoat that is applied in a unique way to create a three-dimensional effect.

The metallic pigment is added to the base coat and is then poured onto the floor. As the epoxy cures, it creates a beautiful, glossy surface that is both durable and easy to maintain. The metallic pigment creates a unique pattern and depth that gives the illusion of movement and texture. The 100% solid epoxy used in this flooring system provides superior strength and durability, making it resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and stains. It is also waterproof and can withstand heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic, making it an ideal option for high-traffic areas.

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Surface Preparation

Day 1

This step is crucial for the success of a new coating on a concrete surface. It removes contaminants and opens up surface pores for better adhesion. We provide the best method for surface preparation, which is mechanical grinding. This method provides improved adhesion, enhances safety, and provides long-lasting, high-quality finishes.


Vacuuming Dust and Debris

Day 1

During the surface preparation, it is essential to vacuum dust and debris because it helps to remove contaminants from the concrete surface. Dust and debris can prevent proper adhesion of the new coating, which can lead to issues such as peeling or delamination. By vacuuming, we can ensure that the surface is clean and free of any loose particles that could interfere with the bonding process.


Base Coat Application

Day 1

10 MIL Application of Tru-Flow Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy Basecoat: To prevent moisture-related issues, a 10 MIL (thousandths of an inch) thick moisture vapor barrier epoxy basecoat is applied. This basecoat acts as a shield against moisture vapor transmission from the underlying concrete. It ensures that the flooring system remains unaffected by moisture, making it a reliable choice for spaces prone to humidity or water exposure.


Imperfection Stabilization

Day 2

The second day begins with a thorough inspection to address any imperfections that may have been missed during the initial crack repairs and grinding. Achieving a completely smooth and even surface is essential to ensure that the subsequent layers adhere correctly and result in a flawless finish.


Metallic Epoxy Application

Day 2

Tru-Flow Designer Metallic Epoxy Application (35-45 MILS Thick): This is the pivotal step that gives the flooring its distinctive three-dimensional effect. The Tru-Flow Designer Metallic Epoxy, enriched with metallic pigments, is skillfully applied to the surface. The thickness of 35-45 MILS (thousandths of an inch) is crucial for creating depth and movement within the epoxy layer. As the epoxy cures, it forms a glossy and reflective surface that mimics the appearance of depth and texture, providing a unique visual experience.


3-D Dispersion Pigments

Day 2

Tru 3-D Dispersion Pigments: The integration of Tru 3-D Dispersion Pigments is pivotal for achieving the mesmerizing metallic effect. These pigments are carefully mixed into the epoxy, creating a distinctive pattern that adds complexity and character to the floor's appearance. The use of multiple colors can enhance the depth and visual interest of the design.


First Top Coat Application

Day 3

4 MIL Application of Tru Alpha High Wear Polyurea Satin or Gloss: Day 3 focuses on adding a protective layer to the metallic epoxy design. A 4 MIL thick layer of Tru Alpha High Wear Polyurea is meticulously applied. This protective coat serves to enhance the flooring's durability, making it resistant to wear, chemicals, and potential damage. The choice between a satin or gloss finish allows for some customization of the final appearance, with gloss lending a reflective shine and satin providing a more subdued elegance.


Final Top Coat Application

Day 4

4 MIL Application of Tru Alpha High Wear Polyurea Satin or Gloss: The final day mirrors the protective process of Day 3. Another 4 MIL layer of Tru Alpha High Wear Polyurea is expertly applied to fortify the flooring's longevity and resilience. This dual application of the protective topcoat ensures that the flooring system is well-prepared to withstand the rigors of daily use, especially in high-traffic areas.


Drying Time

Day 4

Allow a full 48 hours for the flooring to dry completely before subjecting it to both light and heavy traffic. This essential curing period ensures the optimal durability and longevity of the metallic epoxy system, safeguarding its exquisite finish and resilience. During this crucial timeframe, it's advisable to avoid any activities that might compromise the flooring's integrity, allowing the installation to reach its full potential.

Pick Your Color Blend!
Visualize Your Next Project With Our Visualizer Tool!

To see what your new floor might look like in real time, use our custom live flooring visualizer tool. Click here for our pdf version of our metallic blends!


Simply click the button below to go to the page, where you can use your own space to help choose a color and observe the outcome. 

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Designer Epoxy Color Blends
Metallic Color Blends for Captivating Epoxy Flooring

Step into the world of designer elegance with our exquisite Metallic Color Blends. Crafted to add a touch of magic to your epoxy flooring, these blends effortlessly weave together a stunning array of metallic hues. Each shade dances with light, creating a captivating visual symphony that elevates your space to new heights. Whether you're seeking a chic, sophisticated vibe or a bold, statement-making allure, our designer metallic color blends offer the perfect palette to bring your unique vision to life.

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