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Questions Garage Floor Epoxy Installers Must Ask You

Updated: Jun 24

An installer reviewing budget options with a homeowner. Understanding the client’s budget helps in recommending suitable epoxy flooring solutions without compromising quality.

If you’re thinking about calling garage floor epoxy installers for estimates, you should be prepared for the typical questions every professional will ask. Knowing the answers ahead of time will help you and the installer get on the same page about what you’re looking for in your concrete coating. It’ll also alert you to any floor epoxy installers who might not be as professional as they appear.


The first questions professional garage floor epoxy installers will ask will relate to the physical aspects of the concrete:

 A technician using industrial grinders with diamond blades to grind down a concrete surface, preparing it for epoxy coating. The dust-less process ensures clean air and safety.

What’s the surface area of your concrete floor?

While the installer will most likely measure the surface area themselves to be sure, having a good estimate in advance will give them a heads-up about what to expect. This helps in providing a more accurate quote and understanding the scope of the project.

Does your garage have a floor drain or pillars?

Having a drain or pillars present means the team will have to account for that in their preparation time. These features can affect the installation process and may require additional work to ensure a seamless epoxy coating.

How old is the concrete flooring?

The age of the concrete is important. If the concrete is new, it may require additional time to cure properly before adding a coating. If the concrete is old, it may have cracks or wear that will need to be addressed. Older concrete might also need more extensive preparation to ensure a durable and long-lasting epoxy finish.

Does the floor have a coating or texture already?

Your concrete flooring may be textured or coated with an existing material that needs to be removed before a new coating is installed. Identifying the current state of the floor helps installers determine the level of preparation needed and the best methods to use.

What’s the main use of the flooring?

Professional installers want to know if the flooring is used in a garage, man cave, or storage area. Knowing this will help them make sure they use a concrete coating that will last. Different uses may require different types of epoxy coatings with varying levels of durability, chemical resistance, and aesthetic appeal.


After they get the information about the floor, they’ll ask you about installation. This will help prepare them for what to expect when they come to install the concrete coating:

Image of an installer applying fast-curing epoxy on a garage floor. Fast-curing options are ideal for projects with tight timelines, ensuring quick usability.

How long do they have to work on the project?

Epoxy coatings need time to cure before they can be walked on. If necessary, fast-curing epoxies are an option. The installer needs to know your timeline to plan the project accordingly and recommend the best type of epoxy based on curing times.

Will the homeowner be present?

There are benefits both to having the homeowner present or not. In either case, it’s best if the installer knows, so that they can plan ahead. Communication is key, and having the homeowner available can facilitate quick decision-making and address any concerns on the spot.

What’s your budget?

Installers want to make sure the best coating is installed to match your needs and knowing your starting budget will help them make a recommendation. Budget constraints can influence the choice of materials, design options, and additional features.

What’s the climate like in your garage?

Temperature, humidity, and light levels all can affect the installation of the concrete coating, and it’s good for the installer to know. These factors can impact the curing process and the final appearance of the epoxy coating, so proper planning and preparation are crucial.

tru-grit epoxy flooring

At Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring, we ask all these questions to ensure we can give our customers quality epoxy flooring solutions that will stand the test of time. By being prepared with the answers to these questions, you can help us create the best possible flooring solution for your space. If you have any questions to ask us, please contact us!


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