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Upgrade Your Epoxy Garage Floor With Our Tru-Alpha HD Topcoat!

Updated: Jul 10

When you choose Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring LLC to upgrade your garage floor, you open the door to premium enhancements, including our Tru-Alpha HD Topcoat. This topcoat isn't just a finishing touch—it's a game-changer, especially for Florida garage owners.

The Tru-Alpha HD Topcoat offers a smooth, polished look with a higher gloss index, delivering a high-definition aesthetic that stands out. Crafted from polyaspartic epoxy, this topcoat is a part of all our coating systems, including the popular Tru-Flake Coating System, ensuring durability and a sleek finish.

Living in Florida means dealing with unique challenges like high humidity, intense sun, and frequent rain. Our Tru-Alpha HD Topcoat is designed to withstand these elements, providing a durable and resilient surface that can take on everything from mechanical work to everyday wear and tear. The polyaspartic epoxy forms a heavy-duty film with higher solids content, making it perfect for environments where you might be working on cars, woodworking, or other activities that demand a tough surface. This topcoat not only protects your floor but also makes it more durable than a standard garage floor, which is crucial in a climate like Florida’s.

Why is a topcoat so important for Florida garage owners? First, it offers superior protection against the harsh UV rays, preventing discoloration and damage over time. Second, the Tru-Alpha HD Topcoat provides exceptional chemical resistance, meaning it can handle spills and stains from household chemicals, oils, and more without compromising the floor's integrity. Finally, with the increased durability and protection from our HD topcoat, you won’t need to worry about frequent maintenance. While we usually recommend maintenance every five to seven years, this topcoat reduces the need for those return visits, saving you time and money.

In a nutshell, our Tru-Alpha HD Topcoat offers a glossy, polished appearance, increased chemical resistance, and enhanced durability, all while eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. This is the perfect solution for Florida garage owners looking for long-lasting, high-performance flooring.

To learn more, watch our informative videos and see the difference for yourself. If you're ready to upgrade, let our sales team or Operations Manager know, and we’ll add the Tru-Alpha HD Topcoat to your invoice. Call us today to get started!

Watch these videos for further knowledge:


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