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Our Eco-Shield Sealant! Protect Your Vertical Surfaces!!!

Updated: Jul 10

When a vertical surface needs a thorough and lasting seal, Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring LLC offers the perfect solution with our Eco Shield service.

Our Eco-Shield Sealant! Protect Your Vertical Surfaces!!!

Eco Shield utilizes a penetrating acrylic sealer designed to penetrate and bind vertical substrates. This sealer not only eliminates the growth of bacteria but also allows for easy maintenance, ensuring your surfaces remain clean and protected over time.

Did you know that over time, mortar joints can start to break apart? Eco Shield helps prevent this deterioration, maintaining the integrity of your surfaces. Moreover, it combats the effects of efflorescence and mold, which can cause significant damage. Efflorescence appears as white deposits on brick walls and can lead to moisture problems and structural damage. By using Eco Shield, you can protect your surfaces from these harmful effects.

protect your brick walls with are eco shield to aboid things like mods and efflorescence from occurring

Our Eco Shield procedure is straightforward yet highly effective. First, we wipe the surface with a cloth to remove sand and cement particles. Then, we apply the Eco Shield Sealant with a spray container, covering the wall up to 8-10 feet. Although the sealer may appear milky during application, it dries clear, similar to glue. After applying the Eco Shield Sealer, it’s important to wait about 48 hours before touching the surface.

Once cured, the sealer forms a waterproof membrane that prevents fungal growth by sealing all pores. This protection lasts up to three years, during which your surface will be waterproof, resistant to algae and bacteria growth, and UV resistant, preventing discoloration.

Watch These Videos To Learn More!!!

To learn more about this effective sealing method, watch our informative videos. For a clean, protected, and easy-to-maintain vertical surface, call Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring LLC today at 863-670-9270!


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