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How Do You Know You Have A Moisture Issue With Your Garage Floor?

Updated: Jun 25

Transform you garage from this to a durable epoxy floor that will combat any moisture issues!

Before applying any garage flooring coating, you should check to see if your concrete floor is suitable, or if a moisture block treatment is required.

The connection between the floor and the coating will be broken if there is too much moisture seeping up from the concrete. To determine if the moisture in your concrete is due to humidity or vapor barrier problems, commence the

Concrete Moisture Test:

  • Grab a 2 x 2 foot square of plastic sheeting and place it onto dry concrete and tape it down

  • Wait 48 hours at minimum

  • Remove plastic and check for moisture condensation

Moisture issues can lead to mold and mildew. Avoid that today with epoxy flooring!

A defective or absent vapor barrier is the most frequent cause of beaded moisture. If there is no beaded moisture, however, your problems are most likely due to humidity, which is typical in a region like Central Florida's. If results were not forthcoming, ask yourself these five questions:

  • Is there any dampness on the floor or places with darker discoloration?

  • Do you detect any loose pieces or evidence of delamination if your flooring is tile or another material that needs the application of an adhesive and/or grout during installation?

  • Can you observe any cracking, bubbling, lifting or peeling of the floor surface?

  • Is there any white residue on the floor that indicates alkali/salt formed by moisture vapor that has condensed?

  • Are there any black marks on the floor or on the walls? Is the room or any particular section smelling musty or mildewy?

If you found moisture on the plastic sheet or answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a moisture problem, which means that if you apply a coating to the surface without addressing the problem, the polyaspartic epoxy flooring, or any type of flooring, will peel away and problems will persist. At Tru-Grit Coatings, we always solve the issue first before giving you a garage flooring that lasts by applying our 100 Solid Epoxy Moisture Vapor Barrier Application after our grinding process. This application contains a saline-based additive that increases the floor’s moisture vapor resistant up to 16 pounds of 1,000 SQFT.

We can prevent future cracking and peeling by adding this extra layer of protection, ensuring that your epoxy garage flooring is a long-term investment. Give us a call here at (863) 670-9270 to learn more about this moisture-proofing solution!

Waterproof Epoxy Coatings for Tru-Grit Garage Flooring. Protect your garage from water damage with Tru-Grit's waterproof epoxy coatings. Contact our team for more information.


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