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Excited For Halloween? Check Out These Spooky Blends That Could Make Your Garage Floor Shocking!

Updated: Jul 5

Close-up of Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring's Halloween-themed garage floor, showcasing its unique color blend under various lighting conditions.

Although Florida does not receive the fall weather present in movies of our favorite horror films, we celebrate the festive seasons anyway. Themed garages can be a lot of fun to have and here is the selection of spooky blends that could give spooky vibes!

Orange Chopper: Vibrant orange flakes with hints of black and white, ideal for Halloween-themed garage floors in Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring's Dad's Garage Collection.

Orange Chopper

Obviously, this color blend is the typical color theme you would expect when discussing Halloween. The orange of the pumpkin and the black and white of the skeletons that creep in our closets. This blend is actually apart of our Dad's Garage Collection, which shows that the spooky season is one that can be celebrated even in a man cave!

Silver Night: Reflective silver flakes resembling moonlight and werewolf lore, providing a mystical touch to your garage floor.

Silver Night

In the dead of night, you hear a howl in the dead of night. Its echo shivers your bones as the hair on your harm stand in freight. Searching for the source you look ups to see a full moon cascading in the starry sky. Its a silver night...

This blend reminds us of the silver fane of a werewolf on a full moon. Also, it resembles the silver bullets to eradicate such a creature...

Stonehenge: Earthy tones reminiscent of ancient magic, inspired by the mystical Stonehenge in Wiltshire, Ireland.


Everyone loves the stories of witches, fey and magic. What holds the most magic feeling that one could experience is the Stonehenge in Wiltshire, Ireland. Theories about such a magical place is that Merlin himself had giants build the structure for him. Later on Druids utilized the magic in the stone for ritual purposes. Today, we see it in T.V. Shows in movies to site where magic is strongest as it lays on the ley lines. Your garage floor could look just as magical with this epoxy floor color blend!

Emerald Stone: Deep green flakes evoking the mysterious depths of the ocean and mythical creatures like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Emerald Stone

The curse of a stone brings magic into anyone's life. Think of movies like Caroline and her Seeing Stone as she crawls through the tunnel in haste to escape the nightmares of the others! Furthermore, think of the Creature from the Black Lagoon the green represents the creature and the rest represent the color scheme of the bottom of the ocean as the Creature lurks in the waters waiting for the opportunity to strike back.

Bonsai: Dark hues resembling shadows, perfect for a spooky ambiance reminiscent of mischievous gremlins and dark corners.


Now this blend is a good reminder of the gremlins as its color scheme is very similar! Hiding in the shadows, these small little creatures are ready to cause trouble and mischief. When choosing this epoxy flooring option, we recommend exposing the room to sunlight every 24 hours to avoid Gremlin Infestation. The great thing about our flooring option is the UV barrier our coating provides will not be effected by the sunlight exposure!

London Fog: Gray and white flakes capturing the eerie atmosphere of London's foggy streets, ideal for creating a Jack the Ripper themed scene.

London Fog

Lurking in the alleyways of London in 1888, women were killed with a slit of the throat by a sharp blade. The killer? Jack the Ripper. Jack hid himself in the darkness in the alleyways and the fog that surrounded him. After all, the London Fog would cloud anyone's perceptions, including women walk the streets in the dead of night...Now, it definitely not recommended to slit anyone throat, you could get this flooring option and stage a scene with skeletons to encompass that spooky aesthetic one would go for during these Halloween festivities!

Lava Rock: Bold red flakes symbolizing Dracula's bloodlust and pale skin, perfect for horror-themed settings and haunted house scenes.

Lava Rock

This epoxy flooring option best reminds us of Dracula! With the blood red flakes, the white for his pale skin, the black for his cape, and the grey for when he dissolves into ashes, this blend is the tale of this ancient vampire. Utilize this flooring option by using it for a scene of a blood bath for your haunted house. Not interested in Dracula? This flooring option could be used for any other slasher film like Scream or Halloween with Michael Myers. Either way, if you love the spooky season, this color blend is the solution for you!

Pebble Creek: Neutral tones with hints of gray, ideal for recreating the eerie ambiance of Jason Voorhees' haunting grounds with slip-resistance and water barrier features.

Pebble Creek

This color blend resembles the tale of Jason Voorhees. When Jason was a young boy, he was bullied by other campers and when trying to escape their cruel antics, he was pushed into Crystal Lake and drowned. His calls for help ignored. His body was never recovered and his body most likely turned up at a pebble creek further upstream. This color blend could be stated with creepy posters and fake machetes for a Jason Theme! Whats beneficial, unlike Jason, this flooring option has an option of a slip-resistance and water barrier, which means no drowning will occur.

Which one is your favorite?

  • Orange Chopper

  • Silver Night

  • Stonehenge

  • Emerald Stone

Looking forward to your answers in the comments! If you interested in getting a spooky epoxy garage flooring option, call us today!


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