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Upgrade Your Summer Paradise With Our Tru-Flake Pool Deck Coating System!

Updated: Jul 10

Upgrade your pool deck this summer with Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring's durable and beautiful epoxy coatings. Click to view our gallery and get a free quote!

As summer approaches, it's the perfect time to upgrade your pool deck! At Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring, we offer premium epoxy coatings that are not only durable but also perfectly suited for pool decks, patios, and lanais. Our specialized deck coating technique is monolithic, which means it resists mold, filth, algae, and mildew far better than other deck coating systems on the market. To ensure the highest safety standards, we add a polycarbonate additive to our topcoat, enhancing slip resistance and creating a safe environment for your family. Don't just take our word for it—click here to view our stunning Pool Deck Gallery!

Enjoy a safer, more attractive pool deck with Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring's Tru-Flake Hybrid Pool Deck System. View our gallery and contact us today!

Our Two-Day Tru-Flake Hybrid Pool Deck System is a meticulous five-step process designed to deliver exceptional results:

  1. Grinding: We start with professional grinding of the existing substrate using diamond-cut blades, a process that also effectively removes any old epoxy coatings. This ensures a clean, smooth surface ready for the next steps.

  2. Crack Repair: After identifying and isolating any substrate cracks, we fill them with a high-quality solution. Once the solution is cured, we grind the area smooth to ensure a seamless finish.

  3. Base Coat Application: We apply a robust moisture-resistant, 100% solid epoxy base coat. This layer acts as a strong foundation, ensuring durability and longevity.

  4. Flake Application: Next, we apply our Tru-Alpha Polyaspartic flakes, spreading them evenly to cover the entire surface without any gaps. This step not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds an extra layer of protection.

  5. Top Coat Application: Finally, we apply a topcoat of Tru-Alpha clear with Nano Technology, ensuring the surface is UV-protected and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Looking for a durable and stylish pool deck solution? Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring has you covered with our top-notch epoxy coatings. Contact us for a free quote!

Our products come with a host of benefits that make them stand out:

  • 100% Zero Hot Tire Marks or Pickup: Our coatings are designed to withstand the intense heat and pressure from tires without leaving marks.

  • Chemical Resistance: Our coatings are highly resistant to chemicals such as gas, solvents, and bleach, ensuring long-lasting durability.

  • Made In-House: All our products are manufactured in-house, guaranteeing high quality and consistency.

  • Slip-Resistant Components: Enhanced safety with slip-resistant additives in our coatings.

  • 100% Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our products with a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

  • Dustless Preparation Process: Our preparation process is clean and efficient, minimizing dust and debris.

Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring: Offering high-quality, in-house manufactured epoxy coatings for pool decks and more. View our gallery and get a free quote!

Why Upgrade Your Pool Deck Now?

Florida's summer weather is notorious for its daily afternoon rain showers, making it challenging to coat your pool deck during this season. However, completing your pool deck upgrade before the rainy season ensures that you can fully enjoy your upgraded pool area this summer and for many summers to come. An epoxy-coated pool deck not only enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also increases its functionality and safety. Don't wait until the weather makes it more difficult—take action now!

At Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring, we're dedicated to transforming your pool deck into a beautiful, durable, and safe space for you and your family. Call us today for a free quote and get started on your pool deck transformation. With our expertise and high-quality products, you can trust that your pool deck will be the envy of the neighborhood!


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