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Understanding Surface Preparation And The Proper Way To Do It!

Updated: Jun 7

Surface preparation is a critical stage in the process of installing epoxy flooring. Your company's use of heavy, planetary grinding systems is indeed a highly effective method that ensures a long-lasting and durable result.

mechanical surface preparation for durable epoxy coating surfaces

Heavy-duty, planetary grinding machines work by using rotating disks to grind and polish the concrete surface. This method removes the top surface of the concrete, creating a rough texture that significantly improves the adhesion of the epoxy to the surface. It opens up the pores of the concrete, allowing the epoxy to penetrate deeper and form a stronger bond. This method also removes any existing coatings, contaminants, or weak layers from the surface that can hinder the adhesion of the epoxy.

On the other hand, methods like pressure washing or acid etching are considered less reliable. Pressure washing can clean the surface from loose dirt and contaminants, but it doesn't effectively open up the pores or create a rough texture for the epoxy to adhere to. It also doesn't remove existing coatings or weak layers from the surface.

Check out this video showcasing some of our surface preparation methods:

Acid etching, while it does open up the pores of the concrete and provides a rough texture, has its own set of problems. Handling acid is hazardous and requires careful disposal afterwards to avoid environmental harm. Moreover, acid etching often results in an inconsistent texture, with some areas of the floor being more porous than others, leading to a less reliable bond with the epoxy.

Epoxy floor coating for garage that has a thick durable coating in florida

In conclusion, the use of heavy, planetary grinding systems in your surface preparation process is an excellent choice, providing a more consistent and reliable surface for epoxy flooring application compared to methods like pressure washing or acid etching. It ensures a stronger bond with the epoxy, leading to a more durable and longer-lasting floor.


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