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Our New Collections: Let’s discuss options!

Updated: Jul 5

a diverse range of color collections to suit every style and preference for your epoxy garage flooring needs.

At Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring, based in Central Florida, we offer a diverse range of color collections to suit every style and preference for your epoxy garage flooring needs. Our collections are designed to meet the unique tastes and demands of our customers, providing a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Classic Collection

Our Classic Collection features timeless colors that have been popular for over 30 years. These tried-and-true shades are simple yet effective, including Twilight, Rocky Mountain, Barracuda, and 301.

Modern Collection

For those who prefer a contemporary look, our Modern Collection offers a selection of mostly grays and whites, with subtle hints of additional colors. This collection includes Rocky Mountain, 301, Barracuda, London Fog, and Stormy Sky, perfect for a sleek, modern finish.

Down-to-Earth Collection

Experience vibrant and beautiful earthy tones with our Down-to-Earth Collection. From tans to taupes and creams to browns, this collection adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your floor with colors like Cookie Dough, French Toast, Butter Cream, 503, 77, Beaver Dam, 323, Kangaroo, Sandalwood, Rustic Tan, Bedrock, Shiitake, and Sahara.

Simple Earth Collection

Our Simple Earth Collection brings you the natural earth tones in a low-key, simplistic manner. These colors, including White Swan, Vanilla Bean, Cookie Dough, Buck Wheat, and Sand Fossil, offer a serene and understated elegance.

Eclectic Collection

Make a bold statement with our Eclectic Collection. This unique array of vibrant colors allows you to express your detailed inner workings with blends such as Rustic Tan, Amazon, Shiitake, Bedrock, Beaver Dam, Bonsai, Pebble Creek, Sandalwood, and Tiger Shark.

Ocean Living Collection

Bring the beauty of marine life to your floor with our Ocean Living Collection. Featuring seafoam, aquamarine, and other stunning blues, you’ll feel like you’re right next to the ocean with colors like Sea Glass, Sea Breeze, Rainwashed, Oasis, Siesta Blue, Blue Thunder, Blue Ice, and Moonshine.

Pool Deck Collection

Enhance your poolside area with our Pool Deck Collection. These unique concepts, including Oasis, Vanilla Bean, Sea Breeze, French Toast, Sandalwood, Glacier Bay, Moonshine, and Sea Glass, are designed for a perfect poolside finish.

Garage “Go-To” Collection

Our Garage “Go-To” Collection offers the most common and simplistic garage floor colors, making your choice stress-free. Popular options include Double Truffle, Barracuda, Twilight, 301, Glacier Bay, Beach Wave, Stonehenge, Stormy Sky, Bedrock, and Moonshine.

Dad’s Garage Collection

Create the ultimate man cave with our Dad’s Garage Collection. Ideal for home projects or building a race car, these blends include Lava Rock, Orange Chopper, Silver Night, Rocky Mountain, Sea Glass, Cherry Strudel, Chinchilla, Stonehenge, and 301.

Modern Driveway Collection

Our Modern Driveway Collection offers an assortment of colors that blend naturally with your home’s exterior. These elegant, simplistic colors will make your driveway stand out without being over-the-top, featuring Stonehenge, Stormy Sky, Vanilla Bean, Barracuda, Double Truffle, White Swan, Angelfish, 301, and London Fog.

These collections provide various aesthetic options for your epoxy garage flooring needs. If you don’t see a blend you like, Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring can customize one for you. Browse our color flake blend gallery to see these collections in different settings and lighting. For questions or more information, call Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring today!


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