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Tru Solid Good Option Garage Flooring

Transform Your Garage with Professional Epoxy Flooring Installation: A 5-Step Guide

Tru Solid Good Option Garage Flooring

Are you ready to upgrade your garage with durable and stylish flooring? Discover Tru Grit Epoxy Flooring's professional epoxy installation process for a stunning and long-lasting garage floor.

Surface Preparation for Durability: Our process begins with meticulous surface preparation using high-performance industrial-grade grinding systems and HEPA-certified vacuum systems. This ensures 99% dust particle capture, creating a safe environment and a seamless foundation free of hidden cracks.

Expert Crack Repair: Our technicians employ specialized tools to swiftly repair surface cracks, ensuring a smooth base for subsequent coatings.

Primer Polyaspartic Base Coat Application: Precision application of the primer polyaspartic base coat, with tools like squeegees and rollers, ensures a durable 4-6 mil coating thickness.

Robust Industrial Epoxy Top Coat: We apply a 4-8 mil thick industrial epoxy top coat with a commercial-grade polycarbonate anti-slip additive, combining visual appeal with practical durability."

Customization and Warranty: Choose from 5 elegant colors to personalize your garage floor. Enjoy peace of mind with our 7-year adhesion warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Witness our professional epoxy installation process in action on YouTube. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our skilled technicians or visit our website for more information. Elevate your garage with Tru Grit Epoxy Flooring for a stylish, durable, and low-maintenance flooring solution!

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