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Tru Flake Better Option Garage Flooring

Tru Flake Standard Silver Garage Flooring Method in 5 Steps - Tru-Grit Epoxy Flooring Tutorial

Tru Flake Better Option Garage Flooring

Tru-Grit Garage Flooring offers a practical and cost-effective five-step method to achieve the Tru Flake Standard Silver option. This process, similar to the Elite option with slight variations, uses the Advanced Nano X polyaspartic base coat for excellent results. Decorative flakes are applied to enhance adhesion and create a smoother floor surface. By using only 10% of the base coat, this method achieves visible flakes while saving on costs without compromising quality.

The top coat, consisting of a polyaspartic formula with commercial-grade polycarbonate, adds durability to the flooring while reducing the risk of slipping. With a thickness ranging from 4 to 7 Ms, this top coat provides 50% less slip resistance compared to the Elite option while still ensuring exceptional traction. The Tru Flake flooring is ready for foot traffic within 5 to 7 hours, offering a quick turnaround time for completion.

Tru-Grit guarantees a durable finish that will not peel or yellow for up to 10 years. The warranty covers issues like coating detachment due to ground moisture or poor substrate preparation, and color changes or yellowing of the clear coat. To learn more about this method and see it in action, click the link to watch on YouTube!

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