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Tru Flake Best Elite Garage Flooring Option

Achieve Seamless Installation Success with Tru Flake Elite Garage Flooring: A 5-Step Method

Tru Flake Best Elite Garage Flooring Option

When it comes to transforming your garage flooring with expert precision, the Tru Flake Elite 5-step method from Tru Grit Epoxy Flooring stands out as a beacon of excellence. This meticulously crafted process ensures a seamless installation that not only enhances the aesthetics but also promises long-lasting durability.

The journey begins with the critical first step of surface preparation, where unique challenges are identified and addressed with precision. Utilizing high-performance industrial-grade grinding systems and HEPA-certified vacuum systems, our installers ensure 99% of dust particles are captured, prioritizing safety for both installers and customers alike. Featuring special metal bond diamonds with shards of varying hardness levels, our coating removal and surface preparation techniques set the stage for a flawless finish. Proper surface preparation is emphasized throughout the process, with industry experts relying on concrete service profiles and detailed guides to enhance outcomes effectively. Quick and efficient crack repair is facilitated through specialized tools and repair materials, ensuring a seamless surface ready for the next steps."

With a keen focus on precision, the application process involves utilizing precise tools such as squeegees, notch trowels, and rollers to achieve the ideal coating thickness between 10 to 14 mils. Adding selected color flakes after the base coat adds a personalized touch to the flooring, elevating its visual appeal. The full broadcast method further enhances uniformity and coating thickness, surpassing traditional single coat floors by 200%. Offering alternative concentrations for a more understated appearance, this method ensures a remarkable finish that exceeds expectations. Culminating in the application of a durable polyaspartic top coat, the Tru Flake Elite method emphasizes longevity and performance. With a top coat thickness of 10 to 12 mils, featuring a polycarbonate anti-slip additive and a nanoparticle polycarbonate component designed for lasting durability, your garage flooring is not just transformed—it's fortified for years to come."

At Tru Grit Epoxy Flooring, our commitment extends beyond impeccable installation techniques; we prioritize customer education and transparency. By sharing our passion for educating clients and building trust, we provide resources for convenience on our website, ensuring that every step of the process is clear and accessible. Curious to witness the Tru Flake Elite method in action? Click the link to watch our video guide and embark on the journey to seamless installation success. Perfect for epoxy garage floors in Central Florida, Orlando, and Tampa, our method ensures exceptional results every time!

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