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Our Eco-Sparse Coating System

Updated: Jul 9

With a little fewer mils thickness of epoxy and a little less flake, Tru Grit Epoxy Flooring is able to provide a more affordable epoxy coating service!

an economical and eco-friendly epoxy coating flooring option for your project.

At Tru-Grit Coatings Epoxy Flooring LLC, we offer an economical and eco-friendly epoxy coating flooring option for your project. Our Tru-Flake 2-Day Eco-Sparse Hybrid Flooring is an affordable solution applicable to any space. With an 80% flake coverage, it enhances aesthetics and minimizes imperfections, offering both visual appeal and resilience. Seal the surface with a 4-5 mils thick True Alpha Polyaspartic Topcoat for durability and a non-slip finish.

Our Tru-Flake 2-Day Eco-Sparse Hybrid Flooring is an affordable solution applicable to any space

Enjoy your revitalized floor in just 72 hours, backed by a 7-year adhesion warranty. Elevate your space with this exceptional flooring option today! To get started, go ahead and pick a base coat color for your garage floor, and then look through the flake options to decide which colors you want to be broadcasted at 80% concentration. To check out our color blends, click here.

Our Tru-Flake Eco Sparse System is the new affordable option that has the same benefits as our other system

Our Tru-Flake Eco Sparse System is the new, affordable option that offers the same benefits as our other systems. This process begins with surface preparation, a crucial step for the success of a new coating on a concrete surface. It removes contaminants and opens up surface pores for better adhesion.

We use mechanical grinding, the best method for surface preparation, providing improved adhesion, enhanced safety, and long-lasting, high-quality finishes. During this step, vacuuming dust and debris is essential to remove contaminants from the concrete surface. Dust and debris can prevent proper adhesion of the new coating, leading to issues such as peeling or delamination. By vacuuming, we ensure that the surface is clean and free of any loose particles that could interfere with the bonding process.

Next, we apply our industrial high solids epoxy base coat and an 80% broadcast of flake application. This coverage helps reduce imperfections in the substrate, enhancing visual appeal and performance. After 16 to 24 hours, we apply our Tru-Alpha Polyaspartic topcoat, which contains a non-slip additive and effectively seals the flake layer. The topcoat needs about 72 hours to cure before driving on the surface, ensuring optimal durability and performance. The Eco Sparse System comes with a 7-year adhesion warranty, and its benefits can be extended based on usage and needs.

Here is a past video to get a somewhat idea:

Our TruFlake 2-Day Eco-Sparse Hybrid Flooring is your reasonably priced ticket to a room that impresses. Imagine a space that is not only practical but also beautiful. This flooring isn't just about appearances, with a stunning 80% flake coverage; it's about hiding flaws and giving the touch of elegance you've always desired.

As a leading provider in the industry, we specialize in delivering exceptional results that surpass expectations, all while incorporating the latest trends and techniques in epoxy flooring. Contact our team for more information.

The exciting aspect is that your room will experience a stunning metamorphosis in just 72 hours. And to give you piece of mind, we back up our work with a strong 7-year adhesion warranty.

Don't put off making your home noteworthy any longer! Call us at (863) 670-9270, and together, let's make your dream a reality. You're closer than you think to having your ideal floor!


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